• 30 maart 2020 -

    In consultation with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), the facilities necessary for optimal data exchange regarding COVID-19 have been made available by Chipsoft immediately and free of charge.

    Care for coronavirus patients has led to a national logistics operation. Hospitals transfer patients to other hospitals in the country to make room for new patients. That is why it is essential that the correct medical information is transferred with the patient and immediately available in the new hospital. It is also important that the new hospital can immediately see the findings and care recorded by the previous hospital.

    To optimise patient transfer between hospitals during COVID-19, the following solutions have been made available to hospitals: 

    Transmural portal functionality

    With the Transmural Portal functionality, the healthcare professional gains access from their own electronic patient dossier (EPD) to the HiX Care Provider Portal of an external care institution, making it easy to consult the patient's file within the care provider portal of the external care institution. This functionality can only be used between ChipSoft hospitals.

    Exchange via HiX Digital Health Services

    We also provide hospitals with a connection to 'HiX Digital Health Services' (Zorgplatform). This innovative collaboration platform makes it possible to exchange structured data between healthcare institutions using Zorginformatiebouwstenen (Healthcare Information Building Blocks) or ZIBs and/or the Basisgegevensset zorg (Basic Healthcare Data Set) or BGZ. This applies to hospitals that work with ChipSoft's HiX as well as to hospitals that work with Epic's EPD. With the push of a button, the healthcare professional can see which connected organisations have data available. This functionality can be used between hospitals that use HiX, but also for communication between hospitals with HiX and hospitals with another EPD.

    ChipSoft is doing everything possible

    The current situation is unique and requires the support and expertise of all doctors, nurses and support staff. We are doing everything we can to unburden healthcare institutions in the area of ​​healthcare ICT as much as possible, so that they can focus on the major challenge that they are currently facing.

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