• ​At the end of every year, your accountant is once again very interested in your evaluation of the work in progress.  Did you know that ZIS/EPD from ChipSoft for some years has offered a functionality with which you can clearly map out your work in progress?  

    For the valuation of the work in progress you need cost prices and sales prices.  HiX retrieves the cost prices of the transactions from a DBC.  The sales price is determined using the health care product that the integrated grouper derives from HiX.  Using the cost prices (or the sales prices if they are lower than the cost prices), HiX then calculates the work in progress.  

    Automatic booking  

    You can choose to have work in progress calculated annually, but also monthly or quarterly, for example.  With a journal post link to the financial system, you can then ensure that the mutation to the post "work in progress" is automatically booked in in the correct way.  


    When determining the work in progress, each DBC specifies in detail how the valuation is structured.  These details can also be shown on the (Business Intelligence) reports that you can start from HiX.  

    Consistent and transparent

    By determining the work in progress via HiX, you determine the value periodically in a consistent and transparent manner.  So you always have a well found detail specification for your accountant. 


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