• ​With HiX, every health care professional in the paediatrics department has ultimate ICT support in his or her activities. Whether a paediatrician, nurse or support staff in the clinic. 

    Paediatrics within HiX  

    For paediatrics, neonatology and the NICU, HiX offers input and viewing options that are specifically tailored to the treatment of children.  This applies, for example, in the entering the history, the physical examination and the (parental) authority, but also for medication. When prescribing, HiX takes into account deviating doses for pediatrics. In addition to regular paediatrics, HiX also supports care of children regarding metabolic diseases, nephrology, endocrinology (incl. diabetes), allergology (including provocation tests), haematology and oncology.

    TNO Curves  

    By using handy features, HiX offers the possibility to monitor the growth development of children based on the integrated TNO growth curves. Thus, the SDS values of both the measured values and the target height, based on the height of the parents, is automatically derived.  


    HiX also supports the care of neonates. Thus, for premature babies, reference graphs are integrated in which bilirubin lab reports come through immediately. 

    Role-based view 

    HiX offers a specific view of the EPD for each speciality and every role. Thus, every treating physician has a direct and relevant image of the patient without them having to actively look for information.  

    Multidisciplinary consultation (MDC)

    Thus, HiX always displays, for example, a current overview of the medication, allergies and medical history of the patient. Ideal for one's own work process, but also an added value during thee multidisciplinary consultation (MDC). The findings for all health care providers participating in the MDC are shown combined so that everyone can see what has been entered. 

    Standard content 

    Through our Standard content (In Dutch), HiX always provides the right information at the right time and in the right context. This makes logging data simpler and more efficient. By dividing the screen, treating physicians can enter data and easily query the previous entries or reports next to it. By showing them next to each other, they have an optimal overview and can set forth information more easily and more efficient.  Innovative tools HiX provides health care providers with innovative tools, such as quick texts and the offering of "care questions" that show the right information based on the patient's complaint.  In addition, HiX offers a structure to record information in the right way, so that the information is easy to filter. 

    Handy reuse

    Once data are logged, they can be easily shared with other providers and reused. Consider intoxications, allergies, treatment limitations and measurements. When making the diagnosis, for example, the associated DBC is automatically proposed. This is a good example of how HiX helps reduce the administrative load for doctors.

    Performance indicators

    By logging data in a structured way, they are also available for providing performance indicators or  Management information (in Dutch). In addition, it provides for optimal support of the health care record keeping.  

    HiX supports international guidelines, whereby the doctor is always offered the right choices during data entry, with the logical following step. Consider specific score lists or the treatment policy based on these guidelines. 


    HiX offers various options for supporting the health process better via E-health. Thus, health care providers can look at the EPD and fill it in at home or on the go. Via their own online portal, patients have access to questionnaires, eConsults and informational material about their illness or condition. They can also maintain their online diary. They can use a PC, but also their smartphone, tablet or laptop.  

    Your benefits 

    Professional content 
    Optimal overview 
    Uniformity and efficiency in data entries 
    Reduction of data entry load by reuse of data 
    Work process support 
    Deriving performance indicators as part of the work process 

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