• ​With the HiX Mobile app, all care professionals have all information of their patients immediately available: in the operation theatre complex, during their rounds, but also during lunch in the canteen.  'What was the diagnosis again?' or 'Have the latest lab results of my patient arrived yet?'  HiX Mobile provides an instant response to each question as well as the required follow up actions.  

    Advantages HiX Mobile app 

    Fully integrated in EPD 
    Task and context-oriented support 
    Care information is available at all times and anywhere 
    Intuitive and easy to use 
    Development based on input from clients 


    EPD on each device

    HiX responds to the context of use.  Due to its powerful adaptability, HiX 'knows' who the health carer is and which role he plays at which time in the treatment process.  As a result, it offers the best registration and reference possibilities for each situation.  Each care professional is given the best, task-oriented solution for each situation.  On a desktop PC, a smartphone, a tablet or even a smart TV in a team room.

    Registration at the source

    Via the app, registrations can be captured anywhere and at any time.  This makes the work more efficient and also saves time.  Care professionals don't have to return to the workplace or the COW (computer on wheels).  The user-friendliness of the app is of a very high level as it is intuitive and easy to use.  The learning curve is also simple and the app fits easily into the work process. 

    Co-creation and getting started

    ChipSoft has developed the HiX Mobile app together with the clients.  Based on input from clients, we will continue to develop the software and thereby increase the ease of use.  With this app, ChipSoft delivers a safe product to care institutions.  Please note: care institutions are themselves responsible for the correct and secure start-up and infrastructure.  It goes without saying that we will assist them with this. 

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