• ​With ChipSoft as ZIS/EPD provider, you have a partner that does much more than just provide health care ICT. We think right along with you, challenge you, and together we realise the ideal solution for your institution. Whether for the daily support of specialists or for addressing your long term strategy with regard to innovation and patient safety. You also have three strong partners through cooperation with ChipSoft: your patients, colleague health care institutions and HiX, our total solution for health care. 

    As a health care institution you deal with many challenges: new legislation, centralisation of care, the call for mobile applications, a growing need for transparency, the desire of patients to actively participate in their own treatment plan, etc. etc. At the same time, the technological possibilities are rapidly changing and people just expect that you continue to offer quality health care. And that your ICT keeps up with the times. Many health care institutions have now discovered that ChipSoft is THE partner that makes it easy to tackle all of the aforementioned challenges. Are you next? 

    Proactive conceptual partner 

    Through partnership with ChipSoft, you kill four birds with one stone: you optimally involve your patients in their treatment, you communicate noiselessly with colleague institutions, you profit from the most innovative health care ICT and use the knowledge of the ins and outs of health care that the supplier has collected over thirty years. ChipSoft translates your challenges into efficient solutions, so that you can focus completely on your core business. We listen to your needs, think critically with you and proactively provide solutions that you may not have thought of. 

    Team player on the shop floor

    Many customers have profited for years from our health care support. These include many specialists who perceive our total solution as a valuable team player on the shop floor. Namely the many options, time-saving tricks, high user-friendliness and patient safety are listed as positive points. Thus patient mix-ups are not possible and specialists reap the benefits of decision support and safety checks on a daily basis. The communication with general practitioners also occurs rapidly and the interaction between colleagues in and outside of the institution is optimally supported. 

    Smart health and content updates  

    Our ICT is not only a partner for the specialist, but for every health care worker. This is because we put a great deal of focus on the context of use in the development of ICT solutions. Thus ChipSoft is unique in health care culture. Context of use means that specific solutions have been conceived for every work situations. 

    Our software knows what health care providers are doing and which device we are using. Your professionals always have task-oriented solutions that provide them with optimal support. We call it Smart Health. Because the medical content is periodically updated within our solution, every user has functionalities that fit in perfectly with their speciality. 

    Patients contribute to care  

    By facilitating self management and self service within HiX, you also promote your patients to partners. With our ICT, you offer patients user-friendly tools with which they can actively contribute to their treatment. This takes the load off of your health care providers and patients experience their own contribution as a good service. Via eConsult, for example, they can contact their treating physician and from home they can see the progress of their clinical picture and the effects of their own behaviour. This saves them (and you) costly visits to the hospital. 

    Better cooperation  

    With the insights of ChipSoft, you also improve your partnerships with colleague institutions. As a sole provider in the Netherlands, we offer a solution with which you work together with all conceivable partners in the chain within an integrated ZIS/EPD. This merges the support for first, second and third line care, so you can transfer patients optimally to them. 

    HiX also facilitates the cooperation with (possible) fusion partners. It offers safe options for data exchange with colleague institutions for every type of collaboratioin. Whichever cooperation you prefer, ChipSoft thinks with you and ensures you get the maximum from it. 

    Certain of a stable future

    In short: working with ChipSoft means that you have a sounding board and sparring partner that thinks with you on every level and realises the best solutions together with you. You optimally involve your patients in their treatment and are ready to optimise the collaboration with your colleague institutions. In this, you profit from the most innovative solutions in the area of health care ICT. Therefore we can say with firm conviction: when you choose ChipSoft, you're choosing a stable future in which you keep up with continually updated health care ICT in the coming decades. We think that's the most basic thing you can expect from a partner. 

    Valuable management information  

    With ChipSoft as a partner, you can translate hard data easily into very valuable manager information. So you are in a position to respond to new trends early so that you don't have any unpleasant surprises. Our tool offer you the right control information at every moment, so you can create a competitive advantage for your organisation. 

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