• ​Dialysis is complex. In order to efficiently schedule patients in all of the disciplines involved and then to optimally streamline them, flexible software is a must. With HiX, you have this flexibility and efficient software in your hands. 

    Multidisciplinary file

    Within HiX, you only have to enter a patient once, after which every subsequent treating physician can see them. So every professional has an updated total picture of the patient at any time and the patient can trust that all disciplines optimally work with each other. 

    Roping in expertise  

    Within HiX, all disciplines can call up eachother's expertise with the touch of a button. Using digital ordering, the nurse can, for example, consult with the social worker, while at the same time, the planner gets an order in from the nephrologist. All disciplines work with the same file, without being in each other's way. 

    Role-based views  

    Are you a nephrologist, dietician, social worker, nurse or scheduling staff? HiX has its own specific view for every "role". So you see exactly the data that are relevant to you. Are you a nephrologist? Then you'll see lab values, dialysis results and the medication. Are you a nurse? Then you'll see, for example the prescription, the machine values, the medication and the nursing problems. Thanks to these different views, every professional has a system tailored to their activities. 

    Extensive planning options 

    When scheduling, HiX provides great support. Recurring appointments can be easily made using a blueprint, so the system takes into consideration the availability of dialysis spaces. Scheduling isn't a complicated puzzle, but a minimal action that makes the treatment of the patient as efficient and smooth as possible. 


    To be able to make a considered choice together with the patient between haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, good patient information is necessary. In HiX you can quickly and clearly indicate which treatment options and aspects have been gone through with the patient.  This makes it easier for the doctor to work with the patient to plan the best steps for treatment. 

    Integrated monitoring 

    During dialysis, you can also check values, such as blood pressure, moisture removed and dialyate flow more precisely. HiX collects these values from the dialysis device and then saves them in the patient's dialysis status. Because you can view the control values at any time, you can react to any changes. 

    Effective cooperation  

    A good treatment policy stands or fails with the cooperation between the disciplines. For multidisciplinary consultation you can collect all of the important data from all treating physician involved in overview lists. With this you can easily evaluate the treatment plan, analyse any problems and share structured information with each other. 

    Advantages for you: 

    Efficient dialysis planning 
    Map out all relevant information from all disciplines in an overview 
    Your own view, tailored to your role 
    Insight into all current and historic values from equipment 
    User-friendly, efficient entry options  

    Advantages for your patient: 

    The most streamlined treatment 
    Wasting as little time as possible on visits and treatment 
    Filling in screening lists at home via web application
    Optimal support during all treatment phases 


    HiX offers reliable and user-friendly software for the dialysis department, which optimally supports both you and the patient during the entire course of care. The software from ChipSoft has a CE symbol. This means that the software meets the European directive 93/42/EEC, which maintains oversight in the area of safety, health, environment and consumer protection. 

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