• ​Health care professionals require intuitive software with which they can achieve maximum results with minimal action. In every situation and on every device. That is why a specialised team is working full-time on monitoring and further improving the user friendliness of HiX. 

    Usability within HiX  

    HiX is set up to be consistent and logical, so that every user can navigate comfortably. Functionalities are always located at the same spot, colours and icons are recognisable, and users can fine-tune their work screen as they see fit. They complete things they have to register as efficiently and pleasantly as possible. Follow-up actions are offered directly and with minimal "scrolling". 


    Each user can fine-tune his or her own view as desired, so that they can work even more efficiently with HiX, as per their own preferences.  From the screen layout and the favourite functions to the location where the patient information opens: HiX has personal preferences for each user. In this way, everyone always and everywhere can operate in their favourite and familiar digital work environment. 

    All devices 

    HiX knows what health care providers are busy with, on which device they are working and what applications they need.  Using this, it can offer a task-oriented solution in the optimal presentation format at any given time. It doesn't matter whether it's a desktop PC, smartphone or tablet. HiX is always suited to the user and the device. 

    Intuitive for every user  

    Thanks to the intuitive user interface, even inexperienced computer users can quickly become accustomed to HiX. They can work with HiX in peace and quiet, with confidence and without any consequences. Impossible inputs are not possible: HiX notifies the user of errors, makes suggestions and thinks along with the user. All "user interface elements" include an explanation in the tip section. 

    Usability team  

    A specialised usability team works full-time to monitor and further improve the look and feel and user friendliness of HiX. This team operates according to internationally proven standards and follows the latest trends and scientific developments in the field of human-computer interactions. In this way, they analyse and evaluate the our solutions' ease of use in the workplace. Innovative observation methods are used to inspect in detail how healthcare professionals work with the software, after which it is tailored to the work processes, preferences and needs of each user group. 


    Health care professionals have more time to provide care 
    Users are "tempted" into working in HiX 
    Even less-experienced computer users can quickly get their bearings with HiX 

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