• ​With the standard content in HiX, you have a standardized EPD content that is always up-to-date and continually refreshed. So you are sure that your health care organisation uses proven solutions and you automatically grow with it with the latest developments in health care ICT. 

    Via the Standard Content Magazines (in Dutch), we keep you updated on all new tools and handy changes. 

    Standard content in HiX  
    Standard content can be defined as all conceivable content for an optimal EPD. This varies from reporting options to complete order workflows, specialist questionnaires, score lists, built-in guidelines, decision support, multimedia, widgets and links to realise (obligatory) deliveries. HiX offers this content in a structured manner, through which your health care organisation can realise benefits with both the content itself as well as the implementation and maintenance of it. 

    Proven in other health care institutions 
    ChipSoft has been gathering knowledge for over 30 years about ICT systems and support and includes this knowledge in the standard content.  In this, a number of flavours have been included for every speciality that has been proven in other health care institutions.  Usually a minimum of one of these flavours will seamlessly connect to the desires of the health care institution.  This approach makes rapid implementation possible because the wheel doesn't have to be reinvented. 

    New functionalities 
    HiX is continually further developed. New functionalities are regularly available. Health care institutions that work with standard content automatically elevate themselves with these new functionalities. 

    Legislation immediately processed  
    New guidelines, laws and regulations are directly included in the standard content. Because we work closely with many institutions (including with DBC Onderhoud and the Dutch Hospitals Association), we are first to be notified of changes and work them directly into HiX. 

    High degree of flexibility 

    As a health care organisation, you can also configure and propose alternatives for the standard content. A broad team of experts, consisting of medical specialists, paramedics, nurses and IT specialists, assess whether this expansion is an enrichment for other health care institutions. If so, the new functionality is integrated into the standard content and ChipSoft provides the maintenance for you from that moment. 

    Lower management load 

    ChipSoft takes care of the maintenance of standard content, do the pressure on your application managers is reduced. They can focus on their actual task: looking for process optimization instead of modifying questionnaires to new guidelines. And when a modification to a questionnaire is necessary, we make sure that all related links, decision support, overviews and deliveries are updated. 

    Higher transparency and data exchange 

    With the standard content in HiX, you have a solution in house that fully meets the requirements of minister Schippers to provide transparency. Because registrations in HiX are entered in a structured manner, it is also possible to query data from the system in a structured way. It also makes structured data exchange possible among health care providers within your health care institution and among institutions. 


    Working with a proven solution 
    Automatically profit from the newest health care ICT 
    High degree of flexibility 
    Lower management load 
    Increase in transparency 
    Rapid implementation 

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