• ​From application and planning of examinations to extensive image viewing and reporting from the EPF. 

    RIS in HiX 

    HiX contains a very complete radiology information system that fully supports the entire process. From requesting and ordering examinations to planning and managing work lists and modalities. This is fully integrated with your PACS to assess and report on the examinations. The MDCs, management of discussion lists, interventions, material registration and recording of medication administered are also supported. Much is also possible in the field of speech recognition. 

    Decision support  

    For radiology applications, decision support is available to request the correct examination. Based on the characteristics (including allergies) and complaints of the patients, HiX already indicates during the application whether that application is logical. This helps to reduce incorrect examinations. 


    Because the planning for radiology examinations is also fully integrated into the total planning, combination appointments can easily be made that match each other. There is extensive workflow support to provide the requested examinations with the correct data and to have them planned using the correct protocols. This makes it possible to use protocoled care paths based on all data that is known in HiX. HiX makes it possible to immediately register a patient for a radiological examination from the emergency department. That registration is immediately visible at the Radiology department. 

    General practitioner referrals  

    References that GPs register via Zorgdomein also end up directly in the radiology department's work list. By selecting the referral from the list, the department immediately sees the request data and additional data in the same screen and the patient can be quickly planned in. 

    EPF within reach  

    From the RIS, radiologists and lab technicians have direct insight into the allergies, medication and history of the patient. HiX for Radiology also automatically collects all the relevant clinical data from the EPF when requested. If the patient is diabetic, that information is immediately filled. The same applies to data such as height, weight and relevant lab values. This saves double work. Is the lab work out of date? A new set of labs can be immediately ordered. 


    Ordering is woven into the EPF. Specific questionnaires for CT and MRI, among others, are available at the transaction level and are immediately shown to the applicant. This important additional information is linked to the examination being requested. 


    With HiX, lab technicians have direct access to the integrated prescribing system (IPS).  So they can immediately record the single administration of contrast fluid and view the rest of the patient's medication.  Placing stents and material management is also supported in HiX. 

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