• ​With HiX you always have the desired management information on hand, so that you have an optimal view of the performance and points of improvement of your organisation. 

    Management information in HiX 

    HiX offers completely integrated management and control information tools that can be used on every level in the organisation: from care provider to management board. HiX provides you with an overview and interactive dashboard on which you can see performance and points of improvement at a glance. From the dashboard you can also navigate directly to the source information and take direct action if needed. 

    Management reports  

    HiX offers a plethora of overviews for querying specific information. In addition, health care organisations can even expand the overviews and management reports themselves, with ease. Thanks to the high ease of use, everyone within your health care organisation can use it. 

    Business intelligence  

    HiX also contains advanced tools in the area of data analysis and (predictive) data models. With this, institutions can gain optimal insight into the current activities and expected developments. Thanks to this "business intelligence solution", it is possible to follow an optimal policy and to continually monitor and optimise care processes. 


    - Direct insight into performance and points of improvement  
    - All data in HiX available through integration  
    - Directly applicable within the care process  
    - Clear overviews and interactive dashboard  
    - Very user-friendly 

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