• ​HiX supports health care organisations in meeting all relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and NEN standards regarding information security and data protection in health care. HiX is also CE certified. This also contributes to the guarantee that the security of information and patient privacy is upheld at all times. 

    WBP and NEN 

    HiX supports health care organisations in many ways to provide information in the right way to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the NEN standards for health care. Thus HiX has reliable data storage and maintains all privacy aspects arising from the WGBO using an extensive rights structure. Viewing rights for data are issued, for example, based on the treatment relationship. 


    From the General Data Protection Regulation, the patient has the right to now what is happening with their data. The patient must be able to view their data and to object to people viewing it. They can always indicate that they do not want their data to be seen by anyone other than their own physician. In that case, other care providers must start an "emergency procedure" when querying data and indicate why the patient data is being queried. Through extensive logging options, one can always track which user has viewed which data. 

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