• ​With HiX's diagnosis registration, you can record patient-focused diagnoses and you always have an overview of all diagnoses per patient. 

    Diagnosis registration within HiX 

    With HiX you can record patient-focused diagnoses, according to the code system you want to use for this. These registrations are part of the EPF (electronic patient file) and can be set up across the hospital, but also for specific specialities or an individual healthcare provider.  You can think of general code systems such as ICD10 and Snomed, but also systems such as the LHCR and the NVvR registration.  With the diagnosis registration in HiX, you not only register diagnoses, but also complications, exacerbations and infections. You can request separate overviews of each component. 

    Your benefits 

    All code systems are integrated 
    Diagnosis is part of EPF 
    Clear overviews of diagnoses, complications, exacerbations and infections 

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