• ​Everyone can use the data warehouse of HiX. From the most seasoned BI analyst to end users and the board of directors, management, specialists, doctors in training and the administration.  Reports and dashboards are available for every role. 

    Data warehouse within HiX  

    Data warehouse is a fully integrated "business intelligence solution"within HiX. From the data warehouse, you can unlock and query both operational information and management information. 

    Optimal performance  

    The data warehouse is a different database than the source database used for HiX. So the performance of HiX on the work floor remains intact when selecting large quantities of data. 

    Rich content 

    In the data warehouse there are dashboards, reports and cubes included that provide insight into the progress of logging, production numbers, yields, risks of complications and KPIs. These reporting options are divided by subject into datamarts, where part of the required calculations has already taken place.  So reports can be called up quickly. The data warehouse also offers plenty of options to make up reports and cubes yourself, which are specifically tailored to questions within your health care institution. 

    Interactive dashboards 

    Because HiX offers the possibility to include dashboards, reports and cubes within the layout of the application, the BI solution is completely integrated into the hospital information system. With this, HiX offers the unique opportunity to zoom on the source record from these information products, so that users can work as efficiently as possible and look up which recordings in the source system belong to the past. 

    Starting point for better health care 

    By bringing all of the data from HiX together in our data warehouse and querying them in relation to each other, you can make sharp analyses on every level. Your organisation profits optimally from the integration with the ZIS/EPD. The comprehensive data structure is also great for connecting to other systems within your organisation. Thus the data warehouse is not only a collection of data and knowledge, it is also a starting point from which you can improve as a health care institution. 


    Integration with ZIS/EPD 
    Financial and care content data available 
    No influence on the performance of the ZIS/EPD 
    Easy to use for all levels 

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