• ​HiX is the most innovative healthcare information system / electronic health record (HIS / EHR) on the market. Through constant innovation, we offer with HiX a complete solution for file management, workflow management, care logistics, E-health, and financial administration that always stands at the start of the life cycle. 

    HiX provides all healthcare organizations with a fully integrated digital working environment. HiX provides a total solution to support patient-oriented processing and registration procedures whereby all processes seamlessly unite in a single workflow. In addition, HiX facilitates data exchange between care institutions and involves patients closely with their own care process. Because HiX can be deployed on fixed as well as mobile devices, healthcare providers can examine and register the desired information from anywhere while patients can contribute to their own care while online. 

    HiX and standard content  

    HiX provides standard role and task-oriented medical information for every healthcare professional. For every work situation, doctors, nurses, and support staff are provided with the relevant inspection and registration options. As a result of this, they get optimal support during execution of their workflows. In-built intelligence and decision support provides a helping hand. 

    Reuse of data  

    Thanks to a multiplicity of innovative solutions, HiX ensures optimal reuse of data and prevents double registrations and errors. The foundation for these advantages is the registration at the source, with one file and one database per patient.  Thanks to this foundation, each healthcare provider can access a complete and up-to-date patient file. The relevant functionality and information is individually specified and displayed for each healthcare provider. In this way each healthcare provider has a complete picture of the patient, with optimal support during the work process. 

    Reduction of registration stress  

    The healthcare provider additionally registers faster and easier using the various support features in HiX, such as intelligent questionnaires, shortcut keys, standard and/or preferred responses, voice input, drawings, and many other useful functionalities. In this way Hix significantly reduces the amount of stress in your healthcare institution and also contributes to patient safety. 

    Workflow support  

    HiX ensures optimal (workflow) support by providing the relevant information and needed functionalities to the healthcare provider, based on his/her working context. For this, the location, device, and user profile are examined in a smart way. HiX not only has what you need in your working context, but it also provides specific medical content per specialism or department. 

    Decision support 

    HiX provides far-reaching decision support that guarantees healthcare protocols and processes. Using decision trees, for instance, the healthcare provider is in this way alerted to crucial issues regarding patient safety. By combining medical guidelines with patient file data, HiX offers the HiX healthcare provider the decision support when it is needed - such as a proposal based on a diagnosis for which the relevant steps from the official guideline are automatically presented. In this way, the patient's relevant medical data can be immediately used in accordance with the guideline. 

    All essential issues can therefore be handled directly by the healthcare provider or taken care of automatically in the background. Unnoticed, HiX supports the healthcare provider by, among other things, automatically deriving registrations, scores, and financial products in the background. 

    Integrated care  

    Healthcare providers are increasingly joining forces. HiX offers them the tools to deliver integrated healthcare quickly and safely and to exchange information with each other and the patient. Thus, we facilitate the complete supply chain management. 


    Within HiX's integrated HIS, you accurately record patient data, you streamline all logistical processes, and the financial administration will be completely supported by innovative tools. ChipSoft has configured the complete financial administration within the HIS/EHR to be in line with national processes, laws, and regulations. With this, healthcare organizations will not only satisfy all required invoicing standards, but they will also have a wealth of intelligent functionalities available with which to optimize invoicing for the provided healthcare. 


    During the development of HiX, the focus was on functional and technological innovation.  Because ChipSoft regularly switches to new technologies, healthcare institutions will, with HiX, always have the most innovative functional capabilities. They will always have a solution that is at the start of its life cycle. 


    Optimal workflow support for every user 
    Continuous renewal 
    Optimal data safety 
    Optimal financial handling 

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