• ​An increasing number of rehabilitation centres are opting for HiX.  What is the reason for this?  Listed below are the most important advantages. 

    Full integration within HiX. The record-keeping for both paramedical services and the rehabilitation physician is integrated with the planning tool within HiX.  This way, all therapists involved have insight in and can influence the same treatment process. 
    Optimal cooperation within the team; with the specifically developed treatment communication for rehabilitation, treatment goals can easily be set up for subsequent reporting. 
    With assistance of the rehabilitation planning module, a multidisciplinary treatment project can be scheduled quickly. 
    The clinimetric and training schedules that are offered are always in keeping with the role of the care giver in the rehabilitation process.  HiX provides good overviews of the clinimetrics performed for each patient, which gives a good impression of the process. 
    With order management it is easy to assign tasks in the organisation and to follow up on these.  This enables the rehabilitation physician, during a consultation, for instance, to send an order to the paramedic for a specific test to be done. 
    At all times HiX complies with the latest laws and regulations.  Developments in the financial area are also closely monitored. 
    Linking of different types of equipment for the automatic recording of readings in the dossier, such as blood pressure or blood tests. 
    The self-registration of patients with an appointment at a self-service kiosk. 
    With the integrated care portal, the patient can participate optimally in his treatment by, say, entering questions before consultations, self-training with the use of videos or training programmes or by reading provided information. 

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