• ​HiX supports all processes around oncological care with an intelligent and flexible EPD. With this, all professionals have the right information and all have entry possibilities available that are specific to their role. 

    Oncology with HiX 

    With HiX for oncology, you have integrated process support for all complex oncological treatments. Oncologists easily plan treatments for their patients from an EPD, such as the prescription of cytostatics. These treatments are then also a part of the integrated medication list, which is good for the safety of the patient. 

    Graphic timeline  

    When the cycles are planned, prepared and administered (with the correct settlement of the expensive drugs), you as an oncologist have a handy overview, whether or not in a graphic timeline, in which all cycles administered are shown chronologically, including toxicity and lab data. From the overview, a new treatment or cycle can be prescribed with the press of a button. 

    Flexible support 

    When registering a patient for an MDC, HiX offers flexible workflow support that facilitates preparation, planning with the correct disciplines and a clear report, including the letter to the general practitioners. 

    Multi-disciplinary solution  

    HiX also provides you with a specific, multi-disciplinary breast solutions. Within this solution, all of the disciplines involved work together and the preoperative and postoperative MDCs are optimally supported. There is also optimal use of data sharing, so that every health care provider is always up to date of the last developments around the treatment of the patient. 


    Professional content  
    Optimal overview 
    Uniformity and efficiency in data entries 
    Reduction of data entry load by reuse of data 
    Work process support 
    Deriving performance indicators as part of the work process 


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