• ​HiX offers all of the tools to optimally streamline the logistics processes within your health care organisation. It supports health care professionals and patients at the right time and in the right way. 

    Health care logistics within HiX  

    With HiX, you have an ultimate combination of order communication, treatment plans, patient participation, appointment management, decisions support and "closed loop medication" within one integrated system. We'll explain some of the tools. 

    Order communication  

    Order communication provides structure in the treatment process and makes the processes transparent. Patient-oriented and non-patient oriented tasks (such as lab requests, ECG requests and treatment protocols for nurses) are simple to create and to provide with a recurrence pattern. Thanks to order communication, everyone knows what is expected of them at all times and it is clear which actions have or have not been completed. 

    Flexible treatment plans  

    Digital treatment plans in HiX provide clarity, structure and a good understanding for health care organisations and patients. Complete treatment plans are set forth as a blueprint in the software and common plans can be planned far in advance. All of the required resources - such as staff, rooms, imaging or surgeries - all set up in one action. Each health care professional knows what is expected of them and the patient knows far in advance when the follow-up steps are scheduled. Does a treatment have to be rescheduled? Then the subsequent steps are rescheduled as well. 

    Patient participation  

    With HiX, patients contribute to efficient health care logistics. They can fill in questionnaires themselves or make appointments via the online patient portal, so that resources are made available to use for other activities. Patients experience this as a service, to be able to determine the date and time of their appointments. 

    Appointment management  

    HiX facilitates efficient outpatient clinic and clinical planning within health care organisations. It allows staff to simply and quickly schedule simple appointments and combination appointments, including all of the required resources. HiX also makes it possible to schedule the OR, admission and outpatient treatment in one action. 

    Decision support  

    HiX makes it possible to set support rules that help health care providers when planning the correct subsequent steps in the treatment process. All information available within the EPD, such as file data, lab results, medication, surgical information and admission data can be used for this. HiX can, for example, signal when there is a deviation from concrete agreements about logistics regarding the patient to then propose a new subsequent step. Thus the patient receives custom service and unsafe situations are avoided. 

    Closed loop medication 

    HiX can manage all processes regarding medication. The system keeps everything in one closed loop system: from prescription and approval by the pharmacist to discontinuation, inventory management and administration entries. It warns of double medications, contraindications and interactions, so HiX contributes to more efficient processes. 


    Structure in the treatment process 
    Processes are transparent 
    Patients contribute to better logistics 
    More rapid inflow and flow-through 
    Efficient outpatient clinic and clinical scheduling 

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