• ​HiX is a user-friendly total solution that takes the pressure off of application administrators.  Because we take the time-consuming administration work out of your hands, application administrators can focus on the work processes of end users. 

    Standard content peace of mind 

    Via periodic updates we maintain and enrich the standard content.  In this way, questionnaires automatically meet the guidelines and we ensure that all related links, decision support, overviews and deliveries are updated.  By assuming this tasks, the pressure on application administrators is reduced and they can focus on process optimization. 

    Freedom of configuration 

    During and after the implementation period, an important role is set forth for application administrators.  In addition to inventorying and concretising the work processes and wishes, they can do the configuration themselves and have an influence on the standard content.  With so-called prototypes they can tender alternative designs via a support call on our support website.  These are assessed by a committee of doctors and ICT specialists.  If the alternative is interesting to a broad group of health care institutions, then we include it in the standard content. 


    To support the application administrator, we provide training, in which administrators can specialise by sub-section or department.  We also offer 24/7 support and application administrators can also reach us at night via our support website in emergencies.  There they can also read the frequently asked questions and manuals. 

    Targeted seminar 

    In order to bring application administrators up to date on the latest developments, tips and ticks, we organise regular information sessions and seminars on defined subjects.  Here they can also discuss with colleagues from other health care institutions. 


    - 24x7 support 
    - Standard content takes the pressure off of application administration 
    - Influence on standard content 
    - Training for functional and technical administration 
    - Expansion of knowledge through information sessions and seminars. 

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